Rated voltage:                                 245 - 550 kV

Rated normal current:                       2000 - 4000 A

Rated short-time withstand current:   40 kA - 80 kA


The vertical break disconnector consists of three poles. Each pole consists of a frame, one rotating insulator and two support insulators on which the main blade is mounted.

The main blade is made of an aluminium tube, which has silver-plated copper contacts at both the hinge end and the jaw end. During closing of the disconnector, the main blade makes a double movement: First, the blade is lowered so that it reaches full horizontal position and then the main blade rotates so that contact pressure is applied to both the hinge end and the jaw end of the disconnector.


- The main contacts are of the "reverse-loop" design, which makes them suitable for very high short circuit currents.

- All contact fingers are made of silver-plated copper and are equipped with stainless steel springs to ensure reliable contact pressure.

- The main terminals are made of flat aluminium and can be drilled as per request.

- Depending on the voltage rating, anti-corona shields will be provided.


Catalogue VSSBIII



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