Rated voltage:                                 123 - 550 kV

Rated normal current:                       2500 - 4000 A

Rated short-time withstand current:   40 kA - 63 kA


Disconnectors type TFB are used for metallic isolation of systems by creating in the open position a visible isolating distance. They are appropriate for switching small currents or currents when no significant change in voltage occurs across the terminals.
Single-column pantograph disconnector type TFB is appropriate for outdoor installations with conductors arranged at two different levels. They permit modern installation design and do not require much area.

Optionally each disconnector pole can be equipped with an earthing switch type TEC for rated voltages 123-300 kV or type TEB for voltages 170 - 550kV.

The TFB disconnectors comply with publication IEC 62271-102; IEC 62271-1 and most other national regulations.



1. For all operating mechanisms. It ensures no change of the switching position in case of extreme external influences such as storm, vibration and earthquake.

2. Especially suitable for plant with minimal installation area.

3. Switching position clearly recognisable from a far distance.

4. High dynamic force thanks to suitable dimensioning of the pantograph and the attached damper

5. Reliable opening and closing even when disconnector is covered with ice

6. Wide catching range.

7. Short assembly time.

8. Easy adjustment thanks to the stud-bolt arrangement.

9. Available connections for all bus-bar designs.

10. Highest possible degree of operating safety and maintenance-free operating due to the welded      pantograph construction..

11. Especially suitable for outdoor installation due to the use of aluminium or galvanised steel parts.

12. Positive switching positions due to dead centre interlock


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