Rated torque on the operating shaft:

              MT50           500 Nm

              MT50-3f       750 Nm

              MT100         1000 Nm

              MT100-3f     1000 Nm


The motor-operated mechanisms MT50, MT50-3f, MT100, MT100-3f are designed for outdoor installation and used for the electrical remote operation of disconnectors and earthing switches.

All components of the operating mechanism are assembled in an aluminium sheet housing with a door at the front. The control components are attached to mounting plate and wired to the terminal strip. The connections to motor, to the limit switches, and (if included) the blocking magnet and the lighting system are routed via an adapter plug. For connecting the control cables to the terminal strip is provided a clearance of approx.10 cm. Transmission of power from the motor to the operating spindle is via a gear train.

The motor is below the spindle and arranged parallel to it, with a two-step gear train (for MT 50) or four-step gear train (for MT 100) between them. The full operating angle is 190°.


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